Minecraft Audio

A powerful yet simple web-based audio engine for Minecraft servers that enables real-time audio playback dynamic to in-game location and actions.

Get the Plugin Or Connect to a Server

The most powerful Minecraft server enhancement

Using the power of music and sound combined with the versatility of MCAudio, Minecraft servers can now be designed to provide truly unique and immersive gameplay.

The possibilities of use are limitless...


Create emotion and mood in your world regions through music


Immerse your players with background soundscapes and sound-effects


Guide your players along with voice-over and narration

Audio and server management is simple using an intuitive admin interface

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Audio File Hosting

Easily upload your audio files directly to your account and use them for any of your servers.

Multiple Connections

Add and connect multiple servers to your account whether it be a live public server or a local private server for testing

Server Monitoring

Monitor the connection status of your servers and the players who are connected and listening to them

Server Promotion

Promote your server by publishing it on the Public Server List made available to anyone wanting to play new audio-enabled servers

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes.

Just follow the setup instructions on the plugin download page